RGS 2022 • AIC Session 5

Building healthy learning spaces. What is next as we move from Emergency Education?

Organizer: Justine Blanford, University of Twente

Over the past two years we have been in constant state of flux where infections and COVID measures have been in a constant state of motion. Covid19 disrupted education all over the world. In 2020 the GiScience Global Education Conversations brought together GiScience educators from around the world to discuss how they were affected by the pandemic and what they were doing to continue to deliver quality educations. A year later, 2021 we ran a workshop to continue these conversations but also to think about the next step of what is needed. During this session I will present our findings and would like to open discussions on what is next as we start to emerge from a pandemic. What is needed to build healthy learning spaces?   

Session will be an interactive talk session with opportunities for discussions.


Blanford, J.I. Bowlick, F., Gidudu, A., Gould, M., Griffin, A.L., Kar, G., Kemp, K., de Róiste, M., de Sabbata, S., Sinton, D., Strobl, J., Tate, N., Toppen, F., Unwin, D. (2021) LOCKDOWN LESSONS: an international conversation on resilient GI science teaching. Journal of Geography in Higher Education. 10.1080/03098265.2021.1986687

Blanford, J.I., Gidudu, A., Gould, M., de Sabbata, S., Strobl, J., Tate, N., Toppen, F., Unwin, D. (2021) Geospatial Education – teaching through a pandemic and beyond Workshop. AGILE Conference, Greece. June 8, 2021